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Our Southern Sun 



It is our pleasure to share with you our Mini Aussie & Mini American Shepherds. These adorable Miniature Australian & Mini American Shepherds are known for their sweet, easy going personalities and their busy, athletic natures. We are

a small boutique breeder in West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.


Our dogs are great for households that contain a lot of active youngsters because they like nothing better than to spend time with their human family members. Miniature Australian Shepherds make devoted, affectionate family members.

Once part of our Southern Sun Community, you are connected via a private facebook group, where one can share, ask advice and keep in touch. Play dates can be organised and support provided. 


Click here to find out more about the Aussie Shepherd breed.

Side profile of one of our Southern Sun Mini American Dogs
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Belinda the owner of Southern Sun Mini Aussie and American Shepherds

Our Story

My name is Belinda MacDonald. I’d like to give you a little background as to how my

Toy and Mini Aussie Shepherds became a part of my life.

In December 2018 they arrived…. wait I seem to have skipped some pretty important information!

This all came about after my dear friends Al and Karyn Foster from Holstein Ontario Canada suggested that it would be a good idea that myself and my friend Natasha import some of the amazing little dogs to Australia.

Yeah we thought it would be a good idea too but how?

Fast forward 12 months after Karyn sourced us some breeding aged dogs, countless vet appointments, reams of paperwork and not to mention Karyn looking after the dogs along with the rest of her crew for an extra 6 months after the testing began…. all our babies arrived!! Buckshot, Sissy and Jane came from a Canadian winter with snow on the ground to an Aussie summer in 40 degree heat!! Quickly they learned what it was like to be part of a bigger family, dogs, cats, horses and cows and not to forget their human sisters Macey and Piper who just loved them to bits! They adjusted well to life here and most importantly understood us humans who spoke with a ‘funny’ accent!!

I can't thank Karyn enough for all her efforts and hard work, without her this couldn’t be done. Without doubt I will do my best to get my Toy and Mini Aussie Shepherds into the homes of many Australian families so they can enjoy these amazing little dogs with very big hearts.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy looking at all the pictures

and memories I’ve got to show you.

Kind Regards,


Belinda xx

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